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unless otherwise stated.
Ladies & Men Tees Open Start Sheet: 9 - 12.00 Saturdays. Any person
playing outside of these times without prior notification of the starter may
be ineligible for the day’s competition.

  • Match Play competitions: Matches are set down to be played on the designated date. If both or all parties are agreeable, then they may be played any time prior to that date but is subject to approval from the club captain. The result being posted on the draw sheet in the clubhouse.

  • The Black Course: Course setup is slightly more challenging with some of the tees back, and some provocative pin placements.

  • Bradshaw Cup: First 32 entries play singles handicap matchplay.

  • Captain’s Trophy: Ringers competition for all players on all designated monthly medal days.

  • George Robb Summer Cup: Three rounds Stableford competition. Best two rounds to count.

  • H. Robinson Memorial Cup: Senior championship winner

  • Lithgow Trophy: Singles handicap matchplay, first 32 entries qualify.

  • Maber Rose Bowl: Gold medal play-off for the 6 monthly medal winners. In the event of a tie, there shall be a play-off the following Saturday.

  • Monthly Medal: Best nett for the day. A player may only win one monthly medal for the purposes of the Maber Rose Bowl.

  • New Millennium Big Cup: Best nett aggregate of 3 rounds. Medal play.

  • Patron’s Trophy: Best nett score in the second round of the Club

  • Championships Stroke Play Competition.

  • Presidents Team Challenge: Russian Stableford where team members multiply their stableford scores. Played over the duration of the Presidents, all round scores to count.

  • President’s Trophy: Four-ball best-ball match play. Select own partners.

  • Putaruru Hotel Cup: Best nett score in the first round of the Club

  • Championships Stroke Play Competition.

  • Rum Cup: Winner of the Presidents Trophy.

  • Shoot-Out Cup: To the winner of the shoot-out.

  • Stratson Cup: (re-donated by A.E. Pearce, Esq.): Bogey competition played in conjunction with the Lithgow Matchplay. ALL scores to count.

  • The Great Russian Stableford Robbery: Russian Stableford where team members multiply their stableford scores. Played over the duration of the TTT Trophy, all round scores to count.

  • TTT (Taupo Totara Timber Co.) Trophy: Matchplay Four ball best ball. Senior & Junior partners drawn.


  • Stroke-Play Championships: Senior, Intermediate and Junior Grades play 2 rounds adding the gross scores, Lowest score wins. In the event of a tie, the finalists will play off over 18 Holes at a time designated by the Match Committee.

  • Matchplay Championships: Handicaps frozen at the time of the Strokeplay Championships. Senior (up to 9), Intermediate (10 – 17), Junior (18 – 24) and Junior B (25 - 36) divisions gain automatic entry up to 32 players per division. All play is “Off the Stick”. Divisions must have four or more players to proceed or at the club captain’s discretion. The committee and or Club Captain reserves the right to make changes in the programme if and when necessary.


Divisions to be decided in some events

  • Lexie Surridge Cup: 4 Ball Best Ball Stableford. Find own Partner

  • Match Play Trophy Cup: 0-40.4 Match Play, (16 to qualify)

  • LGU Medals: 0-40.4 Nett (Three Divisions)

  • Monthly Medals: 0-40.4 Nett

  • Gold Medal: 0-40.4 Nett Best of monthly medal winners to contest. Donated by Margaret Ranger

  • Putting Buttons: 0-54 Least putts on specified rounds. (Two Divisions)

  • Nancy McCormick Foursomes: 0-40.4 (36 hole nett foursomes). Can be played over two consecutive weeks. Find own partner

  • Patrons Trophy: 0-54 (Two divisions). Best three out of four rounds Nett.

  • Club Eclectic Cup: 0-40.4 Best scores out of four rounds

  • Uden Trophy: 0-30 Nett. Best three out of four rounds

  • Lithgow Trophy: 31-54 Nett (Best three out of four rounds)

  • Tom Uden Memorial Cup: Best three nett scores out of four rounds of the Uden and Lithgow Trophies

  • Alan Hooper Memorial Cup: 4 Ball Best Ball Nett

  • Captains Trophy: 0-54 Stableford Best three out of four rounds. Two Divisions

  • Club Trophy: The best individual scores from Lexie Surridge and Alan Hooper Cups

  • Flag Match: 0-54: Ringer Eclectic Score: 0-54 Two divisions. Club days only. Scores may be recorded after an incomplete round provided cards are signed.

  • W M Luyten Cup: Best nett of qualifying round for Bronze I and II divisions.

  • Consolation Medal: 0-40.4 Nett Awarded to player who has not won a club event over the year

  • C Tulloch Trophy: 0-54 Approach and putting. Trophy donated by the late C. Tulloch

  • Tournament Trophies: Donated by K Spraggon (Silver), J Selton (Bronze I and J Halkett (Bronze II). Best Nett in a Putaruru Tournament (Three Divisions)



  • Lion Trophy: Mixed Foursomes, Best Nett over 18 holes

  • Watson Plates & Pratt Cup: Mixed Canadian Foursomes 18 holes.

  • Pritchard Cup: 18 holes of Mixed Ambrose Mixed teams of 4 players. Best Nett.


  • Caddies Cup: Best 2 of 3 Rounds of Stableford.

  • Taparau Trophy: Handicap Matchplay.

  • P K Cup: Best 2 of 3 Rounds of Nett.

  • Flying D Quaiche: Handicap Matchplay.

  • Strokeplay Championship: 18 Holes Qualifying – Player to nominate which day prior to Round 1.

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