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"Hi, I'd like to thank Putaruru for extending towards us girls such a warm welcome upon our recent visit. Gosh, the male members seemed to RISE as one when we came inside! Next time we hope to play with the members themselves, and golf of course!"

Gitta Legova (Wednesday, 27 April 2005)

"The secret swing clinic of Butch Hamilton and Lance Hay ... coming soon to Putaruru"

Billy Mayfair (Sunday, 13 March 2005)

"Very nice course and website. I was going to come and play until I saw the hideous looking stick figure pictured playing your 15th hole. He reminds me of an escaped mental patient or something looking at the golf swing."

Anonymous (Tuesday, 1 March 2005)

"a great course, a pleasure to play, played early on a Sunday and shot a easy 62. Greens nice and lovely layout. Will be back for sure"

Tiger Woods (Thursday, 25 November 2004)

"This site has certainly come up a treat. Special thanks must go to Jeremy Bell for his imagination and engineering skill to design and create this site. This is a real asset to all members and visitors to PGC ... please enjoy"

Captain Ding (Thursday, 25 November 2004)

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